In a fast-changing business environment, Shoreline Utility Advisors, Inc.
counsels energy services providers, and their investors,
on how corporate decision-making will maximize shareholder value.


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Shoreline Utility Advisors, Inc. was founded in April 1996 by Sanford M. Cohen, former Institutional Investor All-American utility analyst at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch and former co-head of Schroders & Co.’s North American Power Investment Banking Group. Shoreline was formed with the purpose of improving its electric utility clients’ decision making and long-term performance.  Shoreline’s specialty is evaluating a utility’s strategy and business in order to lower the utility’s variability of risk by increasing the utility’s ability to more quickly and accurately predict and prevent potential strategic and valuation problems early in the planning process.

Shoreline’s focus is to directly link strategy and tactics, risk profile and management skills, and earnings and cash flow prospects, to each other, and to shareholder value.  First, Shoreline develops an analytical framework to catalogue, analyze and value each aspect of its clients’ businesses, strategies and investment opportunities.  Second, Shoreline provides a disciplined approach to value its clients’ earnings and cash flow prospects relative to their risk profile and management capabilities.  Finally, Shoreline clearly measures the direct impact that management skills and decision-making have on a utility’s shareholder value.

Shoreline has worked with a number of large electric utilities (ranging in size from $1 billion to $20 billion in market capitalization), and has completed assignments including full strategic reviews, M&A evaluations, dividend policy reviews, business unit valuations, joint venture/alliance evaluations and investor relations studies.

Shoreline publishes utility news, opinions, and utility company and industry analysis on The research published is free and public. No individual stock recommendations or price targets are provided. Some research on individual utility companies may be fee-based independent research that is issuer-sponsored (these reports will be clearly labelled, and disclosed).

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